“A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir..”

- Isa Holmgren


Combining our experience in journalism, marketing strategy and our love for creative design, we offer a wide range of creative elements to enhance and emphasise your company’s brand and footprint.

The monitoring and research of current market trends applicable to your company (with the inclusion of a competitor set)

Design of company collateral (including, but not limited to, advertisements, pamphlets & brochures, information booklets, social media posts, and other brand strategy documents)

Fine-tuning and design of presentations, proposals and speeches in line with your company’s brand tone and voice

The managing of social media channels (more on this under the marketing umbrella)

Reporting and feedback on marketing research

And more…

About Us

Milk & Honey Communications is a Public Relations (PR), Brand and Marketing company driven to help you succeed in marketing and communications campaigns.